Friday, January 4, 2013

US Routes on Expressway.

By Expressway I mean what "road geeks" call Freeway. They are for the non-Interstate highways that are fully-controlled access (no traffic lights or intersections, no driveways) that are up to interstate standards* or otherwise.  Here are some examples.

Route US 1, no tolls.
Various sections in New England, 
the Northeast, North Carolina and Florida. 

Where Route US 1 is a toll road:
Tobin Bridge, Boston; GWB Bridge, New York;
and Delaware River Bridge, Trenton NJ - Morrisville PA.
Small size shown here.

Route US 19 in Pinellas County, Florida,
and in Metro-North Atlanta, Georgia.
Small size shown here.

Route US 93 in Vegas.

Route US 101 in California.

Bud Schuster Freeway in PA.
Unless they use the scheme for US Route Interstates in my previous post.

* Interstate standards: 12-foot travel lanes, a full 10-foot right hand breakdown lane, full left hand breakdown land for highways three travel lanes or more in one direction, 16'-6" clearance underneath the overhead bridges (overcrossings and sign bridges), no more than 6 percent grade.. 

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