Thursday, January 3, 2013


Once upon a time RV Droz speculated that sometime in the future the US DOT FHWA will propose replacing the trademark Interstate Shield with a simple red, white and blue circle.

Well I came up with what I thought the FHWA would mandate: something even worse! Like what they did to the old cut-out US Highway shields.

Worst Interstate Highway route marker.

Then I came up with my own idea for rectangular Interstate Highway route markers and a way to accommodate the 238 Freeway in California and the Bud Schuster Freeway in Pennsylvania.

A regular two-digit Interstate route marker.

A regular three-digit Interstate route marker.

This one is for the Bud Schuster Freeway. The number I-99 can be retired, or used east of 95.
This method of numbering an interstate with no available two-digit number in sequence follows the British method for numbering A-routes classified as Motorways.

This one is for the 238 Freeway in California.

And here is something extra: an Interstate Parkway (Jed A. Wilkinson's idea) following the present Shield design.. 

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