Tuesday, January 1, 2013

More Louisiana Signs

Here are some ideas for a new color Louisiana state route marker sign. Presently the green-and-white ones are being replaced by black-and-white ones, and the route markers on the overhead directional signs have microscopic typeface! 

Credit: Codyg1985 at aaroads.com forum
The offence is on an overhead signbridge. 
Note the sign on the left is a "double Clearview." 
It directs to Clearview Parkway, and the typeface is Clearview.

Now the closeup of the offence.

Look how tiny the typeface is on the sign!
Who can see the route number going by at 50 miles an hour?
Epic beancounting FAIL, Gov. Jindal!

Now I have some better ideas:

The first idea and the one I like best is to copy Quebec's designs but use purple, gold and green -- Mardi Gras colors!

This would be for regular State Highway routes.

Not Mardi Gras colors, but ----
this would be for County Roads including devolved State Highways.
Use Canary Yellow for the number for better visibility at night!

And these would be for the limited access State Highways that aren't interstates:

Rte. 25 (extended south) Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.
Rte. 3132 Inner Loop Expway.
Rte. 3139 Earhart Expwy.

I have some other ideas, too. Next post.

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