Tuesday, January 1, 2013

More Louisiana Highway Signs.

I have two other schemes. One is a five-sided cutout shape with the point down, the other is knockoff on the Florida state outline highway route marker.

First the five-pointed cutout scheme.
Purplegold and green: Mardi Gras colors.

This can be for primary State Highways.

And this can be for the secondaries.

Now the state outline scheme.

This first one can be for the primary State Highways.
Again, Purplegold and green.

This second one can be for the secondaries.

This third one can be for the Parish (County) Roads and State Highways given back to the Parishes.
Or, it can be used instead of the ones above for the State Highways.

And this is an example of a hyphenated route in the same colors.

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