Wednesday, June 8, 2016

An Idea for an Advanced Notice Exit Sign 2

I told you all that I'd do something about those Sword of Damocles arrows. You know, the kind pointing down just so that they look like they could fall off any minute and land on your car, causing vehicle damage and even personal injury or death (if it pierces the roof or if the convertible top is down).

So I have a sign spanning the full width of the southbound tollway at this place:


And this is how I would have it for the present Florida's Turnpike Extension number (SR 821) with my suggested design for a tollway in Florida:

The purple denotes the main road's present TAGS ONLY /  TOLL-BY-PLATE status. I'm going by Route Number and not the goofy fact that it's the Florida Turnpike Extension from original mile marker 4 of the Turnpike itself and not the original endpoint like Massachusetts did for the Mass. Pike.

Note the arrows underneath and divided by a line from the main board like in Australia.

Now here what it would like if it were an interstate:

I picked I-991 for two reasons: first, the existing Turnpike mainline is SR 91 which would become I-91 South in my scheme; second, if you look at a map you'll find most of the state highways in Miami-Dade County are in the 900s series.

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