Saturday, April 2, 2016

Suggestions for E-Z Pass Only / No Cash Lanes.

I sampled some existing E-Z Pass toll lanes signs from off the internet, and I am less than impressed with how they do things up in the Northeast and the Midwest... except for Delaware and Massachusetts; their signs look good with no nonsense.

Mouth of the Sumner Tunnel
Lookin' good, Mass!
New Jersey Turnpike
Can you read all this clutter at high speeds? Difficult for me.
Can you figure if the express lanes to the left are tags only? Some people can't! LOL

Route 95 Delaware Turnpike

Here in Louisiana, we have a simple "TAGS ONLY" sign over each electronically automatic toll collection (transponders only, no cash accepted) lane.

So here is my suggestion for some of you Toll Road Authorities up north in Yankeeland. ;^)

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