Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Corporate Limit Boundary Sign!

Usually the corporate limit boundary signs are very boring. They are either simple green-and-white or white-and-black rectangular signs that just don't quite announce that you're entering a city or c crossing into another county. They can very easily be missed. Here is an example, which is about as plain as it can get:

Source: sbsun.mycapture.com

A boring sign in a dreary landscape! (Sorry, Californians.)

Now here is my idea for the several States' corporate limit boundary signs. I have redesigned Massachusetts'  version from white-and-black to green-and-white (The grey is sky, of course.) Basically the redesign keepis the commonwealth-designed present shape and layout, with the participle "ENTERING" bannered in an arc. The rest of the sign possesses the state seal and the city or town's name and date of establishment, just like at present. Other states can have similar signs, with different shapes and data, of course.

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