Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Mexico Route Marker (2) and (3)

My first idea for the new New Mexico route marker is located here, but it looks too much like the old zuni in a boring circle sign design, and the numerals are too small to be read, methinks. Especially if the motorist is old. So I came up with two other designs, both based on the New Mexico centennial registration plate.

And here they are!

This one would be about 42" or 48" long, for respective heights of 21' and 24".

 But this one could fit on a regular 24" x 24" metal sign plate with very legible numbers.
The zuni indicates it's a New Mexico state highway.

(Right now they're kind of green so it looks like I'll have to fix the colors!)

6 October 2014: FIXED! :^D

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