Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Louisiana Plates.

I'll be adding to this as time goes on...
An old plate from way back.
Note the "Sportsman's Paradise" is stamped, not silkscreened.
"Sportsman's Paradise" again.
Silkscreened this time -- newer plates with the "Jazzy" state name. 

"Sportsman's Paradise" with the pelican.
These appeared when Kathleen Blanco was governor.
1803 - 2003: Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial.

1812 - 2012: 200 Years as a state.
1815 - 2015: Battle of New Orleans Bicentennial.
I hate the state name typeface. Very amateur.
Now if US states' license plates were like European countries',
this is what Louisiana's would look like.
Protect the Environment legacy plate.
It should be the regular plate!
Tow truck plates.
Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana plate.

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