Thursday, September 11, 2014

Out-of-State Plates 30


Today's State: Mississippi.

I happen to like the Mississippi Blues theme on the latest "standard edition" plates, although the Route Marker design I came up with a while back used the old Magnolia style and the hanging S's style state name.

Lamar County, Miss.

Madison County, Miss.

Mississippi's "Apportioned" plates for trucks (semi-trailers, etc.)

Tate County, Miss.

Grenada County, Miss.
Note the county name is printed! In Arial!!!

Elvis Presley and his Birthplace edition.
Minted for the create Foundation.
I think it's busy and hard to read, even though the numerals' typeface is good.

"Conserving Wildlife" edition.
I don't care for the typeface they used. Looks dorky.

"Farm Families of MS."
The watermark doesn't interfere with the numerals unlike the Elvis plate. :^)
And here the printed typeface matches their stamped typeface! :^)

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