Saturday, July 5, 2014

Out-of-State Plates 7

I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana and so I am posting only pictures of auto registration plates that are from outside the state.

Today: the United States - Alabama.

Seacoast plate.

Disabled plate.

God Bless America! (Blecch!)

Alabama hills plate.

Two Seacoast plates again.

Anti-abortion plate.

Another Seacoast plate.


16 August 2014: here's a new plate - some kind of protect wildlife specialty plate I suppose..

19 August 2014: another new plate - "Helping Schools".

25 August 2014: another new plate: specialty plate for the arts in Alabama.

28 August 2014. Helping Schools again.

Lots of plates and designs here. The best ones are the seascape and landscape designs.

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