Saturday, March 16, 2013

British Columbia Route Markers.

Just go back to the old style with the cut corner letters!

Typical route marker.
Old cut-corners style.

Crowsnest Highway - Route 3.
Old cut corners style.

British Columbia recently has switched over to Helvetica typeface. Not only is it ugly for a road sign, it is not, in my opinion, the most legible. Compared to cut-corners typeface, I think it is a step backwards to illegibility and bad aesthetics.

North Island Route, Route 19.
Ugly Helvetica typeface in cyan!

Yellowhead Highway Route 5 and
Crowsnest Highway Route 3 --
both in Helvetica!

Three route markers on an overhead directional sign.
The Clearview typeface actually looks good compared to Helvetica!
And the blue for the numbers and border need to be darker.

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