Thursday, September 6, 2012


Inspired by R. V. Droz's idea, I present some ideas for Michigan. I am using the existing Michigan Trunk Line (state highway) diamond and a silhouette of the state itself as a watermarque. Both University of Michigan (yellow and blue) and Michigan State (green and white) colors are used so that there is no favoritism.
One idea for Michigan Trunk Lines.
Another idea for Michigan Trunk Lines.
A third idea for Michigan Trunk Lines. I think this one is best.


Now the Michigan Trunk Line freeways (like M-59 Freeway, M-53 Freeway, M-10 John C. Lodge Freeway, etc.).

One idea for the Michigan Trunk Line freeways.
Another idea for Michigan Trunk Line freeways (I like the previous idea better).
Finally, the County Roads.

Same Trunk Line diamond and state silhouette watermark, FHWA county roads standard colors except substitution of goldfinch yellow for visibility where it counts.

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